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What if I get injured on someone else's premises?

As we go about our day-to-day routine, entering and exiting shops and businesses, we never think that the premises we are about to enter as being unsafe. We take it as a given that the person responsible for the upkeep of the building would have ensured that they are maintaining a safe environment. But what happens when they shirk their duty and someone gets injured as a result?

Premises liability refers to the concept of holding someone legally liable if some form of unsafe or defective condition on that person's property has caused an injury. The most common example of cases arising out of premises liability that Louisiana residents may be aware of is caused by slipping and falling. However, it is not only the injury that is important for determining the extent of premises liability. The classification of the person who was injured is also important.

Drunk driver crashes into stationary police officer

Many people do not think much of having a few alcoholic drinks and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, not understanding how impaired they have become because of the alcohol. Their reaction time is slowed down, and they are not capable of making the best decisions because of their cognitive impairment. One bad decision on their part has the ability to change the course of not only their life forever but also the lives of those who are on the street with them at that time.

According to recent reports, driver struck a police officer that was assisting the victim of another car accident in Louisiana. As a result, the driver is now facing drunk driving charges. According to officials, the eight-year veteran police officer was investigating another car accident, a hit-and-run, when he noted that the accident victim needed medical attention. He was returning to his vehicle to get a medical kit and was leaning into the driver's side of his vehicle when the crash took place. The vehicle that caused the accident hit the vehicle that was stopped behind the police unit, striking the police car and then traveling across three lanes.

Recreational boating accidents highest in July

According to the executive director of the National Safe Boating Council, July is the busiest boating time of the year. It is estimated that millions of boaters will take to the waters during the extended 4th of July weekend. With more boats on the water, the chance for recreational boating accidents also increases-this is perhaps why July is also the deadliest month on the water, as the most fatalities take place during this month as well.

Even though the number of registered boats declined last year, the number of boating fatalities was 701 in 2016, up from 626 in 2015-this is the highest number recorded in the last five years. in Louisiana alone, the number of boating accidents increase from 87 in 2015 to 112 in 2016, demonstrating a 29 percent increase and the number of fatalities was up from 22 to 24. Where the U.S. fatality rate is 5.9 deaths per 100,000 registered recreational boaters, Louisiana's rate is higher, at 7.8.

Car accident injuries can run the gamut, but you can fight back

When you have been in a car accident, your first concern is if you are physically okay. Unfortunately, even if you feel generally fine immediately after the accident, an accident can do a lot of damage in a split second, and it can be easy to overlook serious injuries.

Sometimes a Louisiana car accident that leads to major injuries is the result of the carelessness of another driver. For instance, perhaps this other motorist was driving while distracted or was driving too quickly for road conditions. In this situation, it is within your rights to take legal action.

Seek an aggressive firm to handle your medical malpractice claim

A few weeks ago on this blog we wrote about the tests that medical professionals can administer to detect a stroke. This testing is key to obtaining an accurate diagnosis and beginning effective treatment. With that being said, mistakes happen in the medical field. Unfortunately, oftentimes these mistakes are preventable and leave patients with serious damages that are physical, emotional, and financial in nature. For this reason, those who believe they have fallen victim to medical malpractice may want to consider pursuing a legal claim.

There can be any number of bases for a hospital negligence claim. As discussed in the post about diagnosing a stroke, medical malpractice can occur when there is a failure to diagnose, or a misdiagnosis, of a medical condition. Malpractice can also occur when a doctor treats beyond a patient's consent, a surgical error occurs, or when the wrong medication is given or the correct medication is given in an improper dosage.

Cruise ship accidents and maritime law

Summer is here. Louisiana's children are out of school, adults are utilizing their vacation time, and family outings are becoming more common. As a result, many individuals and their families are finding themselves planning more extravagant trips. Amongst these may be taking a cruise. While these massive ships can be a lot of fun for Louisianans and their families, they can also be quite dangerous. This shouldn't be too surprising, as accidents can happen anywhere. Yet, when an individual is injured onshore, the legal process can be pretty straightforward. However, when an individual is hurt on a cruise ship, a different set of laws may apply.

Why? Generally speaking, many cruise ships are registered in countries other than the United States. Therefore, they are subject to maritime law. Under maritime law, an individual must show that a ship company either knew, or should have known, about a dangerous condition and failed to remedy it before he or she can recover damages.

Poor truck maintenance can lead to serious truck accident

If you've ever been surrounded by semi-trucks on Louisiana's roadways, then you know how daunting these massive vehicles can be. Fortunately, the vast majority of motorists who come into close proximity to these trucks do so without incident. For some drivers, though, the encounters result in truck accidents that leave them with serious injuries and a bleak future. Of course, a personal injury lawsuit may provide relief, and there can be a number of legal strategies that can lead to the recovery of compensation.

Although most negligent truckers act that way by being distracted or fatigued, the way that they and their employer maintain the vehicle can also play a role. This is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has implemented regulations to control truck maintenance. Under these regulations, trucks must undergo routine systematic inspection. However, the procedure and what is included in the inspection is left to the motor carrier.

Teen drivers more likely to cause serious car accidents

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, summer is in full swing. Many teens are out of school, which gives them more reason to drive. Whether to get to work, social gatherings, or leisure, these youngsters take to the road more frequently during this time of the year. Unfortunately, though, this period of time following Memorial Day is often referred to as the "100 deadliest days."

Why? Simply put, inexperienced teen drivers are more likely to be distracted and therefore more likely to be involved in a car accident. In fact, the American Automobile Association (AAA) recently found that those between the age of 16 and 17 were nearly four times more likely to be involved in a wreck. This age group was also nearly three times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident. Although many think that elderly drivers are the most dangerous, these statistics tell a much different story.

How is a stroke diagnosed by Louisiana doctors?

One of the scariest things about one's health is the fact that a seemingly minor symptom can turn out to be the result of a much bigger problem. Nausea may result as the onset of some forms of cancer, a chest cold can wind up being debilitating pneumonia, and even fatigue can end up being caused by a serious illness. The same holds true for headaches. Although most of these are nothing more than painful and annoying, sometimes they can be the result of a stroke.

It doesn't take a doctor to know that a stroke can be deadly, but it doesn't have to be. There are many diagnostic options which, when used properly and efficiently, can catch a stroke before it gets too severe. One way Louisiana medical professionals do this is by conducting blood tests. By doing this, they can measure how fast a patient's blood clots as well as analyze certain blood chemicals. Doctors can also conduct a CT scan to receive a more detailed image of the brain. This picture, which is easily readable thanks to the use of dye injected into the bloodstream, can indicate if a stroke is more or less likely.

Distracted driving causes and where to turn for help as a victim

Many drivers in and around Lafayette may admit that they find it hard to travel any distance without something distracting their attention. However, the significant number of lives lost due to distracted driving should be enough for most drivers to realize they need to stay focused on driving alone whenever they are behind the wheel.

Are you one of those whose life has become so fast paced that you often end up attempting to handle certain tasks while you are busy driving? These could include eating, doing makeup, shaving, catching up with Facebook posts, checking emails, and making phone calls or sending text messages. Any of these potential distractions could end up endangering your life and those within your vicinity on the roadways.

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