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Speed catches drunk driving

Unfortunately, the roadways are home to much tragedy and upset. The fast pace in life tends to keep everyone in a rush, causing some drivers to travel much faster than they should. Speed is only second behind drunk driving as being the cause of a fatal accident in this country. The National Transportation Safety Board reached this conclusion in a study released in July covering car accidents from 2005 to 2014.

Drunk driver crashes into stationary police officer

Many people do not think much of having a few alcoholic drinks and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, not understanding how impaired they have become because of the alcohol. Their reaction time is slowed down, and they are not capable of making the best decisions because of their cognitive impairment. One bad decision on their part has the ability to change the course of not only their life forever but also the lives of those who are on the street with them at that time.

Teen drivers more likely to cause serious car accidents

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, summer is in full swing. Many teens are out of school, which gives them more reason to drive. Whether to get to work, social gatherings, or leisure, these youngsters take to the road more frequently during this time of the year. Unfortunately, though, this period of time following Memorial Day is often referred to as the "100 deadliest days."

Distracted driving causes and where to turn for help as a victim

Many drivers in and around Lafayette may admit that they find it hard to travel any distance without something distracting their attention. However, the significant number of lives lost due to distracted driving should be enough for most drivers to realize they need to stay focused on driving alone whenever they are behind the wheel.

Louisiana car accidents can result in serious whiplash

Not all car accident injuries are created equal. Some, like traumatic brain injuries and damage to the spinal cord, can leave a victim permanently disabled. Others, like minor cuts and bruises, may leave no long-term impact on an accident victim. Yet, just because your injuries are not as bad as they could have been does not mean that you should just consider yourself lucky and move on. If you have incurred financial losses as a direct result of a car accident caused by the negligence of another, then you may be entitled to compensation.

How can I protect myself legally after an automobile wreck?

You have been in an injury accident reportedly caused by another motorist in Louisiana, and as you try to gather your bearings, your first concern, naturally, is if you and your party are okay. You also worry about how much damage has been done to your main mode of transportation. Amid the chaos that abounds at a car accident scene, it may be easy to forget some important steps for protecting your best interests legally.

Effects of distracted driving may linger, putting others at risk

If you've driven recently, then you've probably noticed that a vast number of motorists are busy performing other tasks while driving. These individuals are on their cell phones talking and texting, eating, reaching for objects within the vehicle's cabin, and even arguing with their passengers. Regardless of the specific activity in which these individuals are engaged, they are taking their attention off the road and putting others in danger.

Tips for drivers to avoid motorcycle accidents

Louisiana is a great place to ride a motorcycle. The weather is often warm and the roads are often wide-open. And riding a motorcycle can be relaxing, fun and even economical. Riding a motorcycle safely, though, actually requires extensive knowledge of safety procedures. Yet, even those motorcyclists who do everything in their power to ensure they ride safely are susceptible to a motorcycle accident when they are exposed to negligent drivers. Far too often these inattentive, distracted and intoxicated drivers turn what would otherwise be safe Louisiana roads into dangerous paths of destruction.

Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel

It is no mystery anymore that allowing other activities to distract you behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is dangerous. Nevertheless, drivers persist in allowing their devices to divert their attention from the critical business of watching for others on the road. If you are recovering from injuries you suffered in an accident with a distracted driver, you know the pain and frustration that often result from this kind of selfish behavior.

What are the symptoms of traumatic brain injury?

The injuries that can be suffered in a car accident can vary greatly. Some wrecks in Louisiana are relatively minor, resulting in only bumps, bruises and scrapes. Other crashes leave victims with broken bones and serious cuts that may become infected if improperly treated. The wrecks leave individuals permanently disabled or dead. Those who are fortunate enough to survive their accident may find themselves struggling to cope with the physical, emotional and financial losses they face.

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