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Poor truck maintenance can lead to serious truck accident

If you've ever been surrounded by semi-trucks on Louisiana's roadways, then you know how daunting these massive vehicles can be. Fortunately, the vast majority of motorists who come into close proximity to these trucks do so without incident. For some drivers, though, the encounters result in truck accidents that leave them with serious injuries and a bleak future. Of course, a personal injury lawsuit may provide relief, and there can be a number of legal strategies that can lead to the recovery of compensation.

Louisiana truck accident firm representing victims

Truckers carry a heavy responsibility. Not only must they work hard to meet their delivery deadlines, but they also have to be alert and attentive nearly every moment they are on the job. A momentary lapse in attention, whether caused by distraction or trucker fatigue, can result in a devastating truck accident. Victims of these accidents can find themselves facing damages that can put their physical, emotional, and financial well-being in jeopardy.

Louisiana bill would seek to lower truck speed limit

Semi-trucks can be seen on Louisiana's roadways every hour of the day. These massive vehicles, which sometimes carry dangerous cargo, often clip along at the same, or faster, speed as other, smaller vehicles. Does this increase the risk that a truck accident could occur?

FMCSA exempts some truckers with epilepsy

Trucking is a dangerous industry, not only for truckers, but also for other motorists. A negligent trucker in Lafayette can make a mistake that puts his or her safety in danger, as well as that of drivers nearby. For example, a fatigued driver may nod off behind the wheel causing his or her truck to drift into another lane or oncoming traffic.

Louisiana firm fighting to impose liability on negligent truckers

Last week on the blog we discussed how trucks should operate in hazardous conditions. When truckers in Louisiana fail to drive safely in wet, icy or foggy conditions, they can lose control of their vehicle and cause a devastating truck accident. Victims of these tragic wrecks can be subjected to extensive losses that can leave them physically, emotionally and financially damaged.

Poor driving during hazardous conditions leads to truck accidents

Many factors go into driving a semi-truck safely in Louisiana. As this blog has discussed in the past, trucks must be properly maintained, and truckers must ensure that they are sober and well-rested. But this just scratches the surface in regards to trucking safety. One of the most important things truckers can do to ensure safety is adjust their driving according to current weather conditions.

How common are truck accidents?

Collecting accident data takes time. Because of this, statistics often lag a year or two behind. However, by looking at these statistics, an individual can see trends and obtain a clear sense of the commonality of certain types of accidents. Unfortunately, truck accidents are still far too common, leaving a significant number of victims and their families utterly devastated.

Hours of service and truck accidents

Most truckers in Louisiana are on a tight deadline, and the motto "time is money" certainly holds true to those who are paid by the mile. While from a business aspect this helps ensure efficiency and contract adherence, from a public safety standpoint, such motivations can prove dangerous. Many truckers push themselves to the limit, driving themselves into fatigue that drastically affects their ability to safely operate their truck. When this happens, innocent drivers are put in harm's way.

Poor cargo securement can lead to a serious truck wreck

Many Louisiana drivers are afraid to drive near semi-trucks, and for good reason. These massive vehicles can cause devastating wrecks when driven negligently, which occurs on an all-too-frequent basis. Truckers may be fatigued, drunk, or inattentive behind the wheel, putting everyone around them at risk of harm. But errant driving isn't the only danger that can be posed to other motorists by big rigs: proper truck maintenance and cargo securement can also be key to safety.

Regulations aim to stop drunk truck drivers

Drunk driving is a serious problem throughout Louisiana. But when people think of drunk driving, they often think of an individual coming home from a late night out, operating his or her personal vehicle. While this is certainly the typical scenario in drunk driving accidents, it is not the only one. Truckers can also be intoxicated behind the wheel. Because of the size of semi trucks, those that are driven negligently can become weapons of massive devastation. Knowing just how dangerous a combination drinking and trucking can be, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented regulations on truckers' alcohol use.

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