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How do you prove negligence in a car crash?

While driving on the street, Louisiana residents have a responsibility to conform to the standards of conduct that are required of them by law. For example, stopping at a red light or stop sign and yielding to oncoming traffic-these rules are in place to protect the wellbeing of everyone on the roadways and when these codes are not violated, a devastating crash can result.

Crash involving car and school bus

There are many rules of the road that must be respected in order to keep the roadways safe for everyone on them. These laws include stopping at a red light or stop sign, driving within the posted speed limit and yielding to oncoming traffic at the appropriate junction. Now that school is back in session, traffic laws also require specific driving behavior around school zones and behind school buses. This includes stopping an appropriate distance behind a halted school bus, as there are children getting on or off the bus at that time. This ensures the safety of the children.

Get compensated when harmless fun harms you

When someone is injured in a car crash, they often want to put their crash and their injuries behind them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always possible-physical injuries take time to heal and emotional scars can take even longer. In the process, the medical bills required to mend both can pile up and end up overwhelming an accident victim. If he or she is the breadwinner of the family, the pressure to make ends meet might make a bad situation worse and cause someone to accept a settlement that they do not deserve. Especially when corporations with big pockets and insurance companies with limitless companies are able to draft legalese that a lay person may not fully understand and drag their feet in the process, accident victims find themselves suffering even more needlessly.

The aftermath of a car accident is complicated and expensive. Many people do not realize that they may often need extensive medical treatment that may go on for a couple of years or that their ability to earn may become limited due to their injuries. As a result, they do not factor in these costs and accept a lower settlement than they deserve, or decide to not even hold negligent car accident accountable for their actions.

Car collision may lead to a variety of serious injuries

A day that starts out ordinary can quickly become one of the worst days of your life as a result of a car accident. This is particularly true if the accident causes you serious physical injuries.

Fortunately, if you have suffered injuries in a car collision due to another person's carelessness, it is within your rights to seek justice through the civil court system. Here is a glimpse at some of the most common types of injuries you may experience in a car wreck in Louisiana.

When is a distraction more than harmless fun?

What may seem like harmless fun can often take a turn for the worst when it takes place on the roadways. A simple distraction while behind the steering wheel, such as thinking about what needs to be bought at the grocery store or even turning around to speak to a person in the backseat, can take the driver's mind and eyes off the road for an unacceptable amount of time and turn their car into a dangerous weapon.

A new distraction has taken shape after social media users began posting videos of them dancing to the song 'In My Feelings' on social media. While many people are dancing in safe locations, some began to follow a comedian's take on the challenge and began dancing in the middle of the road. As Louisiana residents can imagine, jumping out of a moving vehicle to dance can be extremely dangerous. In many instances, the person who is making the video is the driver, further taking their attention from the road.

Trucking hours regulated to avoid truck driver fatigue

As Louisiana residents hurry to and from their destinations on the road, they may see trucks rushing by them on the highways. The trucking industry is tightly regulated by both federal and state regulation, but truck drivers are often still pressured into driving longer hours for longer distances, becoming a hazard for both themselves and others on the road. A tired, distracted and drowsy truck driver is dangerous on the road and laws exist to ensure a truck that is used to transport necessary materials across state lines, not to become a weapon that weighs thousands of pounds.

A truck driver carrying property can drive 11 hours maximum after taking 10 consecutive hours off duty, whereas a driver transporting passengers may drive a maximum of 10 hours after eight consecutive hours of rest. A driver transporting property may not drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour when they come on duty after 10 consecutive hours off duty. The 14-hour period is not extended by an off-duty period. When it comes to a driver transporting passengers, he or she may not drive after having been on duty for 15 hours after they have been off for eight consecutive off-duty hours.

Property owner's liability to avoid slips and falls on stairs

Its natural for people to slip and fall-the laws of gravity apply to all of us after all. Some falls, however, can be more dangerous than others. The harder the surface is upon which a Louisiana resident falls and the farther the person is falling, the more likely injuries are going to be serious. One type of slip and fall accident that can be very dangerous both because of the impact of the fall and the surface upon which one lands is falling down a flight of stairs. Given how dangerous an accident like that can be, it is essential that property owners, both private and commercial, ensure their premises are safe for everyone that enters it.

Holding a property owner accountable for an unsafe condition that causes a slip and fall accident on the stairs through a premises liability claim requires certain conditions must be met. Firstly, it must be shown that the property owner knew of the condition; either by creating the condition, knowing it existed and failing to do anything about it, or the condition should have existed for such a long time that the owner or possessor should have known about it. Legal responsibility requires that it should be foreseeable that the dangerous condition results in an accident.

Car hits students on sidewalk, injuring four

The one place where people on the road expect to feel safe is on the sidewalk, especially one on a college campus. Generally, motorists driving by college campuses where students are milling about should go slowly and carefully-students may suddenly cross the road or may be passing by slowly, thus creating a dangerous situation.

A second traffic crash took place in Louisiana State University recently, injuring a number of students. According to police officers, a multi-vehicle crash pushed one vehicle onto pedestrians on a campus sidewalk, at an intersection. Four students were hospitalized as a result, with one of them suffering from serious injuries. in the first traffic accident, a student walked into the path of a vehicle and was injured as a result.

Documentary shines light on dangers of medical devices

We attribute much of our society's medical success to advances in medical technology. New devices and testing procedures allow medical professionals to more quickly and accurately diagnose injuries and illnesses, as well as treat them more effectively. However, despite the success of many of these devices, others pose a serious threat to patients whether due to lack of testing or doctors whose decisions to use such devices are swayed by seemingly improper incentives.

This is the focus of a new documentary on Netflix called "The Bleeding Edge." The film takes a close look at five individuals who essentially became test subjects when doctors recommended the use of medical devices apparently without a strong understanding of their risks. One subject of the film, an orthopedic surgeon, had a hip implant that ended up destroying the tissue surround the joint after the device broke down and disintegrated. Another individual in the film had vaginal mesh fuse with her surrounding organs requiring surgical removal.

A second opinion might save your life

You are entitled to take an active part in your health care, and getting a second opinion is part of that. People, including doctors, make mistakes, and if you do not gather as much information as you can about your illness, you might become part of the statistics of misdiagnosed patients in Louisiana. A second opinion could confirm the original diagnosis and give you peace of mind, or it could result in a different diagnosis with an entirely different treatment plan. A different doctor might deem suggested surgery unnecessary.

Even if a second opinion confirms a diagnosis, a different doctor might provide information about alternative treatment options. It is impossible for one doctor to have all the information about every single available clinical trial and study, and gaining more knowledge might help you to make an informed decision about your treatment. You can even seek a third opinion if the first two are vastly different.

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