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April 2016 Archives

What are some defenses to medical malpractice?

Although medical professionals have years of education and training, one seemingly small mistake can leave a patient with serious harm. A surgical error, medication error or a missed diagnosis can leave an individual with a worsened medical condition, a decreased chance of survival, or death. Though a medical malpractice claim may bring a victim much needed compensation for his or her damages, it is no guarantee. To succeed on such a lawsuit, an individual must be prepared.

Semi-trucks' stopping distances greater than other vehicles

Semi-trucks play an important role in our society. By moving goods across the country, these big rigs, their drivers and companies for which they work expand our economy and allow consumer access to goods they may otherwise not be able to obtain. Yet, for all the benefits provided by the trucking industry, it can also prove extremely dangerous for motorists. Due to their sheer size, trucks can cause serious accidents that can leave others severely injured or even dead.

Lawsuit filed after offshore injuries suffered in towing accident

A significant number of Louisiana residents rely on jobs that place them on ships, barges, and other boats. While these are often well-paying jobs that can provide stability, they can also pose a significant threat of harm. Unsafe conditions and negligent operation can lead to maritime accidents and the risk of offshore injuries. Recovering from such harm can be difficult on a physical and emotional level, and it can leave an individual facing severe financial hardship.

How do injured plaintiffs prove doctors' medical malpractice?

When a Louisianan trusts his healthcare to a medical professional, he or she expects attentive and knowledgeable care. The patient likely expects to emerge from the interaction with improved health, or at the very least, not worse off than he or she began. Unfortunately, however, not all Louisianans receive this level of medical care. All too often, doctors provide inappropriate treatment and make costly mistakes.

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