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May 2016 Archives

Can distracted drivers be liable for injuries?

We have all heard the message: Distracted driving is dangerous. It is unnecessary and causes thousands of accidents each year. But just how common is distracted driving? Who is most likely to not pay attention behind the wheel? Can people who cause these crashes be liable for the pain and suffering they cause?

What is the Jones Act and why is it important?

Many Louisianans make their living working on ships. These positions often require a unique set of skills, and the duties involved can be challenging. They can also be dangerous. It is important for Louisianan workers to know, though, that the laws that apply to ships in domestic and international waters can differ from those imposed on land. With this in mind, those who have suffered harm while at sea should be sure to familiarize themselves with the law so that they can ensure that they can know when legal action is appropriate.

Fighting for medical malpractice victims in Louisiana

For the average person in Louisiana, litigation isn't fun. Filing a lawsuit invites heated conflict and disagreement. However, in instances where negligence has caused you harm, taking legal action is often necessary if you want a chance to pursue the damages unfairly thrust upon you. In order to ensure you put forth the best legal arguments you can, you need to ensure that you are as knowledgeable and prepared and possible, armed with legal arguments to support your position.

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