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July 2016 Archives

Louisiana victims of drunk drivers can pursue legal action

For as long as there have been cars, there has been drunk driving. Over the last several decades, Louisiana law enforcement agencies and nonprofit organizations have attempted to curtail the frequency with which individuals drive while intoxicated. Despite their efforts, drunk driving remains a significant problem in our state and across our country.

Tauzin & Lorio: aggressive premises liability attorneys

Several weeks ago, we discussed an incident in which an individual was injured after slipping and falling at a Louisiana Best Buy. These types of incidents actually occur quite frequently. Grocery stores fail to clean up spills; gas stations fail to remove ice from their sidewalks; and property owners fail to warn their guests of dangerous conditions; all of which can lead to serious injuries.

Regulations aim to stop drunk truck drivers

Drunk driving is a serious problem throughout Louisiana. But when people think of drunk driving, they often think of an individual coming home from a late night out, operating his or her personal vehicle. While this is certainly the typical scenario in drunk driving accidents, it is not the only one. Truckers can also be intoxicated behind the wheel. Because of the size of semi trucks, those that are driven negligently can become weapons of massive devastation. Knowing just how dangerous a combination drinking and trucking can be, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented regulations on truckers' alcohol use.

What is "seaworthiness" under admiralty law

Accidents and injuries that occur in the open waters are subject to admiralty and maritime laws. As was discussed in a previous post on this blog, the Jones Act is perhaps the most important law affecting this area. But this act can be complex. Therefore, we hope to clarify some important aspects of this realm of law so that those who wish to pursue a claim based on admiralty and maritime law can do so with confidence.

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