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August 2016 Archives

Slip-and-fall in Louisiana: What do courts consider?

When it comes to premises liability, merchants have a responsibility to all visitors to make sure their grounds are reasonably safe. While that concept is simple enough, it can be difficult for people to determine whether they have a case after slipping and falling in a commercial establishment.

'Never events' and medical malpractice

Having to go to the hospital can set anyone in Lafayette on edge. After all, it's not something one does on a regular basis, and going to see a medical professional often means that there's something wrong. The good news is that medical professionals are highly educated and thoroughly trained, and they are often able to utilized the most recent technologies to assist them in providing the best medical care possible. The bad news is that medical professionals are far from perfect. In fact, they can act or fail to act in a way that causes serious harm to patients. Sometimes those mistakes result in death.

Invitees, licensees and trespassers in premises liability claims

When you go onto the property of another, whether it be to a friend's house, an amusement park, or your local grocery store, you probably don't think much about your safety. This is a good thing, as it means that most of the time the properties you enter onto are safe. A lot of work goes into making a property safe, but not all property owners work diligently to ensure those who enter their premises are kept safe. When a property owner fails to maintain their premises, an accident can happen, injuries can be suffered, and a premises liability lawsuit may be filed.

Slip-and-fall on vessel results in federal lawsuit in Louisiana

Louisiana, with its Gulf coast location, boasts a robust maritime industry. The shipping, offshore oil drilling, and fishing industries employ a significant number of Louisianans, many of whom rely on these jobs for their financial well-being. Our blog often discusses how Louisiana workers are protected from unsafe work environments, and this applies to those who work offshore as well.

Poor cargo securement can lead to a serious truck wreck

Many Louisiana drivers are afraid to drive near semi-trucks, and for good reason. These massive vehicles can cause devastating wrecks when driven negligently, which occurs on an all-too-frequent basis. Truckers may be fatigued, drunk, or inattentive behind the wheel, putting everyone around them at risk of harm. But errant driving isn't the only danger that can be posed to other motorists by big rigs: proper truck maintenance and cargo securement can also be key to safety.

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