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September 2016 Archives

Louisiana attorneys representing premises liability victims

Premises liability is not something the average person in Lafayette thinks about when they go shopping or attend a social gathering, but the matter can become quite important if an accident occurs and injuries are suffered. After all, a slip-and-fall, for example, can leave a victim with excessive pain, a mountain of medical expenses and lost wages on account of an inability to work. If you find yourself in this situation, then you may be wondering what you can do to try to recoup your losses.

Elements of residential premises liability

We may not give it much thought to it on a day-to-day basis, but we constantly place our safety and well-being in the hands of others. When we drive, we rely on other motorists to obey traffic laws and only operate their vehicles when they are attentive, rested and sober. Likewise, when we enter properties such as apartment complexes or other rental homes, we rely on landlords to ensure the premises are safe. Unfortunately, though, far too often these individuals lapse in their responsibilities, which can cause serious injuries.

Hours of service and truck accidents

Most truckers in Louisiana are on a tight deadline, and the motto "time is money" certainly holds true to those who are paid by the mile. While from a business aspect this helps ensure efficiency and contract adherence, from a public safety standpoint, such motivations can prove dangerous. Many truckers push themselves to the limit, driving themselves into fatigue that drastically affects their ability to safely operate their truck. When this happens, innocent drivers are put in harm's way.

I was hurt by transvaginal mesh. Now what?

Mothers sacrifice a lot to bring their children into the world. But the sacrifices don't always stop there. After childbearing and as they age, many women end up with pelvic organ prolapse, which is when the pelvic organs drop because of weakness or damage to the pelvic floor.

Lawsuit filed after man suffers offshore injury

Working offshore on a vessel or oil rig can be rewarding. The pay is often decent and many in Louisiana find being out at sea much more exciting than sitting in an office all day. Yet, since these workplaces are so different than the tradition work environment, employers need to take extra precautions to ensure that their employees are safe. When employers fail to do so, an accident can occur that leaves an individual seriously injured.

Louisiana firm fights for medical malpractice victims

Going to the doctor may not be fun, but when you go you likely take comfort in the fact that your doctor is well-educated and well-trained. He or she may have years, perhaps even decades, of experience. In most cases, this is enough to allow a medical professional in Louisiana to avoid costly, injurious or sometimes even fatal, mistakes. Yet, we are all human, which means that at some point mistakes are going to be made. As scary as that may sound, even more frightening may be the fact that some of these mistakes should never, under any circumstances, occur.

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