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October 2016 Archives

How does alcohol affect one's driving abilities?

We all know, or should know, the dangers of drunk driving. Yet, despite numerous public service campaigns to put an end to drunk driving, many Louisianans continue to drink and drive. Some think that they can consume a few alcoholic beverages and remain below the legal limit. While this might be true, even a relatively minor amount of blood in an individual's system can affect his or her driving abilities, putting him or herself and others at risk of being injured or killed in a serious car accident.

We fight for medical malpractice and nursing home neglect victims

Nursing homes and hospitals make far too many mistakes. These institutions, which are regulated by state and federal agencies and the law, carry a big responsibility. Yet, whether in an attempt to cut costs or a failure to be thorough when hiring and monitoring employees, these places that are supposed to be safe for elderly loved ones become danger zones. In some instances, nursing home residents are left malnourished, improperly supervised and abused. This can result in a variety of harms that can have long-lasting emotional, physical and financial effects.

What is a doctor's standard of care?

In order to succeed on a medical malpractice claim in Lafayette, certain legal elements must be met. It is critical that victims of medical malpractice know and understand these elements and how to prove them, because a failure to do so could mean a lost case and continued financial difficulties in the aftermath of the incident. These elements include showing that a standard of care was owed to the patient, that standard was breached, the breach was the cause of the victim's injuries and those injuries are compensable.

Slippery deck leads to lawsuit

Many Louisianans rely on the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico to earn their living. Whether they work on oil rigs or on shipping vessels, these workers, oftentimes without even realizing it, put their safety on the line for the betterment of their employers. Though state and federal regulations seek to keep these employees safe from unsafe working conditions, far too often vessel owners fail to maintain their ships in a way that abides by those safety regulations.

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