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Poor driving during hazardous conditions leads to truck accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

Many factors go into driving a semi-truck safely in Louisiana. As this blog has discussed in the past, trucks must be properly maintained, and truckers must ensure that they are sober and well-rested. But this just scratches the surface in regards to trucking safety. One of the most important things truckers can do to ensure safety is adjust their driving according to current weather conditions.

How can they do this? First is to reduce speed when the roads are wet. This is critical, as a quarter of all speed-related truck accident deaths occur during poor weather conditions. It is recommended that truckers reduce their speed by one-third when driving on wet roads.

Second, truckers should be sure to significantly slow down before entering curves. Although posted signs indicate the speed limit when entering a curve, that number is intended for passenger vehicles. Therefore, truckers should slow even more. Failing to properly slow can result in a rollover, which may cause other vehicles to collide with a truck.

Truckers who fail to adhere to these recommendations can cause a serious accident that leaves other motorists hurt. These victims, in turn, can seek to impose liability on truckers and the companies for which they work. If successful on such in doing so, a victim may be able to recover compensation for their damages, which may include medical expenses and lost wages. Proving negligence can be challenging, though, so these victims should consider the best way to go about proving their claim. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help those in such situations proceed with a solid plan of legal action.

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