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January 2017 Archives

What should I do if I have been hurt by a distracted driver?

It is easy for people to become so used to multi-tasking in their everyday activities - from work tasks to family responsibilities - that they feel it is okay to multi-task behind the wheel too. Unfortunately, distracted driving can quickly cause a potentially life-altering injury accident. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle collision caused by a distracted driver in Louisiana, it is within your rights to seek to hold the reportedly at-fault motorist accountable through the civil court system.

We competently handle premises liability claims

It can happen to anyone in Lafayette. We run to the grocery store to pick up a few items and we slip on a grape, spilled soda, or a freshly mopped aisle and fall to the floor. It might ruin your mood, or your day, but it could also leave you with long-term injuries. Although such an incident might leave you feeling embarrassed, you should not let that deter you from fully considering the impact of what just happened.

FMCSA exempts some truckers with epilepsy

Trucking is a dangerous industry, not only for truckers, but also for other motorists. A negligent trucker in Lafayette can make a mistake that puts his or her safety in danger, as well as that of drivers nearby. For example, a fatigued driver may nod off behind the wheel causing his or her truck to drift into another lane or oncoming traffic.

Louisiana woman sues Walmart after slip and fall accident

Most Louisianans conduct their weekly grocery shopping at their local market. Very rarely do they worry themselves about their safety while walking across the store's parking lot or down the store's aisles. Yet, quite often, products are dropped, drinks are spilled and rain is tracked inside from entering customers. If these issues are not addressed, wet floors can pose a hazard.

The difference between birth injuries and birth defects

When a couple in Lafayette is expecting the birth of a child, they are often filled with joy and excitement. They may find themselves readying the baby's room, buying new baby items and discussing names. For many Floridians, though, the birth process quickly turns into a nightmare when their child's health is put in danger. The damages resulting from these situations can be excessive, including physical, emotional and financial losses.

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