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What should I do if I have been hurt by a distracted driver?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

It is easy for people to become so used to multi-tasking in their everyday activities – from work tasks to family responsibilities – that they feel it is okay to multi-task behind the wheel too. Unfortunately, distracted driving can quickly cause a potentially life-altering injury accident. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle collision caused by a distracted driver in Louisiana, it is within your rights to seek to hold the reportedly at-fault motorist accountable through the civil court system.

What is distracted driving?

A common example of distracted driving is the use of a cellular phone while operating a vehicle. Some drivers try to text, browse the internet or look for new music to download while on the road. The use of cellphones is causing an increase in the number of vehicle accidents, especially those that involve teens and young adults. In fact, a study by Harvard University showed that 300,000 injuries stemming from car accidents and over 2,000 fatalities have been tied to the use of a cellphone while driving.

Rear-end accidents are some of the most common types of crashes caused by distracted drivers who have been using their cellphones. After all, an inattentive driver might not realize that the car in front of him or her has stopped or slowed down. A rear-end crash can lead to injuries, such as broken bones or whiplash.

What are my rights if I have been hit by a distracted driver?

If you have suffered injuries in a vehicle accident due to someone else’s distracted driving, you may opt to file a personal injury claim against that person, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. Liability has to be established to the satisfaction of the civil court hearing your case, based upon a showing of negligence, before claims for monetary damages will be adjudicated.

A monetary award may help to cover your hospital bills as well as cover the loss of wages if your injuries were serious enough to prevent you from being able to work for a period of time. Monetary compensation may also help to address pain and suffering as well as emotional distress caused by the accident. A knowledgeable attorney in Louisiana can help you to navigate the claim process following a crash caused by a distracted driver.