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Tips for drivers to avoid motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Louisiana is a great place to ride a motorcycle. The weather is often warm and the roads are often wide-open. And riding a motorcycle can be relaxing, fun and even economical. Riding a motorcycle safely, though, actually requires extensive knowledge of safety procedures. Yet, even those motorcyclists who do everything in their power to ensure they ride safely are susceptible to a motorcycle accident when they are exposed to negligent drivers. Far too often these inattentive, distracted and intoxicated drivers turn what would otherwise be safe Louisiana roads into dangerous paths of destruction.

There are tips to help motorists do their part to ensure motorcycle safety. First is merely being cognizant of the fact that more than half of all motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle, and that many of these accidents are caused by those motorists. Second, motorcyclists can easily be lost in a driver’s blind spot due to their slim profile. Therefore, drivers should be sure to double-check their mirrors and take extra precaution when changing lanes or turning.

Another step drivers can take to keep motorcyclists safe is recognize that motorcyclists will often downshift to slow down before applying the brakes. Therefore, a motorcyclist’s speed may be deceptive. Motorists should be sure to give motorcyclists extra distance so that a following vehicle will have time to stop and avoid a potentially deadly car accident.

Drivers who fail to adhere to these safety tips may be putting motorcyclists in harm’s way. Those bikers who are hurt in a wreck caused by a negligent driver may struggle to make ends meet, as their medical expenses and lost wages may leave them financially vulnerable. In these instances, accident victims may benefit from the assistance of an aggressive attorney who knows how to craft a compelling personal injury claim.

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