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On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

A few weeks ago on this blog we wrote about the tests that medical professionals can administer to detect a stroke. This testing is key to obtaining an accurate diagnosis and beginning effective treatment. With that being said, mistakes happen in the medical field. Unfortunately, oftentimes these mistakes are preventable and leave patients with serious damages that are physical, emotional, and financial in nature. For this reason, those who believe they have fallen victim to medical malpractice may want to consider pursuing a legal claim.

There can be any number of bases for a hospital negligence claim. As discussed in the post about diagnosing a stroke, medical malpractice can occur when there is a failure to diagnose, or a misdiagnosis, of a medical condition. Malpractice can also occur when a doctor treats beyond a patient’s consent, a surgical error occurs, or when the wrong medication is given or the correct medication is given in an improper dosage.

To succeed on a medical malpractice claim, though, a victim has to show many elements. He or she has to show that the medical professional failed to provide the applicable standard of care, that failure caused the patient harm, and that harm is compensable. The legal team at Tauzin & Lorio Attorneys at Law knows how to go about building a strong legal case that seeks to satisfy these elements. We have engaged in discovery, thereby obtaining critical documents and pouring over them to uncover every detail that supported our clients’ positions. We also have experience identifying, preparing, questioning, and cross-examining witnesses in a way that convincingly conveys the story our clients’ want the judge and jury to hear.

Our firm is well-aware of the hardships a family can face in the aftermath of medical malpractice. This is why we give every case we handle the customized approach it deserves. After all, every case is different. In the end, though, experienced legal counsel may be able to place an injured person’s mind at ease about his or her case.