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Drunk driver crashes into stationary police officer

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Many people do not think much of having a few alcoholic drinks and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, not understanding how impaired they have become because of the alcohol. Their reaction time is slowed down, and they are not capable of making the best decisions because of their cognitive impairment. One bad decision on their part has the ability to change the course of not only their life forever but also the lives of those who are on the street with them at that time.

According to recent reports, driver struck a police officer that was assisting the victim of another car accident in Louisiana. As a result, the driver is now facing drunk driving charges. According to officials, the eight-year veteran police officer was investigating another car accident, a hit-and-run, when he noted that the accident victim needed medical attention. He was returning to his vehicle to get a medical kit and was leaning into the driver’s side of his vehicle when the crash took place. The vehicle that caused the accident hit the vehicle that was stopped behind the police unit, striking the police car and then traveling across three lanes.

The police officer was airlifted to the hospital, receiving treatment for a broken shoulder blade among other injuries. The allegedly drunk driver who caused the accident has been charged with DWI, careless operation and first-degree vehicular negligent injuring.

In addition to criminal charges, an accident victim may be able to bring a civil case against the drunk driver that caused the car crash. A car accident brings with it emotional suffering and financial anxiety, and a victim may be able to recover the financial burden through a personal injury claim.