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What laws govern DWI boating accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | Admiralty And Maritime Law, Firm News |

Due to pervasive awareness campaigns, most people know about the dangers of drinking and driving-the impairment it causes and the increased possibility of becoming involved in an accident. Drinking and driving is considered a serious problem, which is why some people may hesitate to get behind the wheel if they have been drinking. Not many people feel the same way before operating a recreational boat.

Since boating is considered a recreational activity, many do not think twice before consuming alcohol and operating a vessel. With little knowledge about admiralty and maritime law, people may also not be aware that if someone is injured in a boating accident, they may be able to get the same form of justice they can get if they are involved in a car accident. In Louisiana, a person is considered intoxicated if he or she has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent and is over the age of 21. This is true whether they are driving a vehicle or manning a boat.

The law also prevents the person in charge of operating the boat from knowingly allowing someone else who is intoxicated from steering it. This means that there are laws regulating the consumption of alcohol and operating a vehicle, and if someone has been injured in a recreational boating accident, they can hold the operator or person in charge of the boat accountable.

Boating is an enjoyable recreational activity, but it can quickly turn dangerous if the operator is reckless. Laws exist to hold that person accountable and the compensation that is received from a lawsuit can be used to ease the financial burden associated with a boating accident.