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Common birth injuries linked to negligence

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times of a New Orleans’ couple’s life. Couples spend months preparing for the arrival of their newborn, and to ensure their delivery happens as smoothly as possible, many make frequent visits to their doctor. This helps parents trust their doctor who will deliver their baby. This is why it may come as a shock to them when their medical professional has acted negligently, causing birth trauma to their child.

One common type of birth injury takes place when a doctor does not properly assess the situation and respond accordingly. As result of this negligence, the infant becomes injured during childbirth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found some injuries are more common than others.

Brachial palsy injuries, including Erb’s palsy, result when the infant’s shoulders are trapped in the mother’s pelvic bones during delivery. When the physician pulls too hard or incorrectly, this condition can result, injuring the nerves responsible for moving the arms and hands.

Brain injuries are also common, which is most often the result of oxygen deprivation. When the baby is not monitored closely immediately after birth or allows the baby to remain too long in the birth canal, oxygen deprivation can happen. As a result, the baby could suffer from cerebral palsy and chronic seizures. Unfortunately, fractures are also very common, including those to the clavicle. Again, it happens when the doctor pulls the infant too hard while the infant is in the breech position.

There are a number of unfortunate injuries that are causes by birth trauma that could harm the joyous occasion of introducing a newborn into the world. In some tragic instances, the trauma can be lifelong and ongoing medical care is needed. It might be possible to hold the negligent medical professional responsible for their medical malpractice.