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Fight back against negligent truck drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

We see them as we rush past them on the way to work or to the mall, and we don’t think twice about the big rigs or commercial trucks passing us by on Louisiana’s interstates and highways. We also see a number of truck accidents and the traffic backup caused by them, but rarely do we give a second thought to the destruction that must have resulted from the crash. The reality is that when someone’s vehicle crashes with a construction or concrete truck or other similarly heavy truck, it is almost certain they have suffered serious and even debilitating injuries.

These injuries have the potential to affect the rest of the accident victim’s life. They may have to take time off from work or even become unable to work the same type of job ever again, at the very time when they need to cover lengthy medical mills to get treatment for their injuries. Accident victim’s families also suffer in the process, as they may rely emotionally and financially on the accident victim and are now deprived of both.

As mentioned in last week’s post, fatigue, even though both state and federal law regulate it, is a common factor of truck accidents. A tired driver may miss the vehicle in its blind spot or overlook the pedestrian or cyclist nearby. They end up running red lights and stop signs and wreaking havoc as a result.

Understanding the applicable regulations in these instances is important and truck accident lawyers at our firm have 21 years of experience each in this field. They understand how the law operates and the evidence required to prove one’s case. While trying to get the long-term compensation their client deserves, they also work towards resolving short-term issues, such as finding handicap accessible apartments.

By helping clients deal with everyday problems, we try to pave the way for their long-term rehabilitation. For more on truck accidents, visit our page. It is important that accident victims understand their rights and options when it comes to holding a negligent part accountable and seeking compensation for damages.