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October 2017 Archives

Wake up trucking industry by holding them accountable for crash

We share road space with them and accept them as part of our daily experience on the highways, but this does not mean many Louisiana residents don't move to the other side of the road when approaching a truck in an attempt to overtake or distance themselves from the semi-truck alongside it. Their size makes them formidable-not only because of the destruction it could cause in case of an accident but also because it is difficult to maneuver or see around. The truck itself is slow to respond to motoring functions such as braking or turning.

Sleepy truck drivers can cause fatal accidents

When you are working long hours and are racing against the clock to complete the task allotted to you, you may find yourself dozing off while working. For many, this is not a problem and does not threaten the lives of those around them-but when the person dozing off is a truck driver operating a commercial truck, then the fatigued driver is wielding a deadly object and has the potential to cause a deadly truck accident if he or she falls asleep behind the wheel.

Fault and liability after a Louisiana car accident

One of the most critical components to determining if a car accident victim can recover their damages after a collision is establishing who was at fault. When a party can be proven to be the cause of a crash then they may be held liable for all of the losses that stem from their negligence or recklessness. This post will generally discuss ways of proving fault after a vehicle accident but readers are encouraged to speak with personal injury attorneys about the evidence they may need to provide for their particular cases.

Animal attack and dog bite laws in Louisiana

When we are invited to someone's house, we have a reasonable expectation that their house is not going to be unsafe and that the owner or tenant would have taken reasonable steps to ensure our safety. This could mean a number of things, such as removing environmental hazards like rain water and ice or alerting the guests as to the broken stairs. It also encompasses another aspect of safety-ensuring one is safe from animal attacks, including dog bites.

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