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Wake up trucking industry by holding them accountable for crash

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

We share road space with them and accept them as part of our daily experience on the highways, but this does not mean many Louisiana residents don’t move to the other side of the road when approaching a truck in an attempt to overtake or distance themselves from the semi-truck alongside it. Their size makes them formidable-not only because of the destruction it could cause in case of an accident but also because it is difficult to maneuver or see around. The truck itself is slow to respond to motoring functions such as braking or turning.

Last week’s post touched upon the dangers of fatigued drivers on the road-inattentiveness, decreased ability to respond to changing conditions and dozing off at the wheel-all factors that could cause a potentially fatal truck accident.

If a truck driver is experiencing these symptoms, they should take the required steps to ensure they do not become a threat on the road. The trucking company in charge of them is also responsible for the drivers they are putting out on the road-should they get the driver tested by doctors or take them off the road until their condition improves? These are the questions that could come up during a personal injury lawsuit against the trucking company, as they try to brush off their liability and pin the blame everywhere else.

Lawyers at our firm have experience in handling claims against trucking companies and drivers and anticipate the various strategies that could be utilized. Since we collaborate with a number of different professionals, we try to get a complete picture of the crash and then present it in the trial as well. We work diligently and dedicatedly to get our clients the compensation they need from the big companies who hesitate to give it to them. For more on truck accidents, visit our page.