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Treating burn injuries post crash can be costly

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

As any car accident victim can attest to, being in a car crash is a traumatizing experience that leaves physical and emotional scars. Physical scars are often the result of burns sustained in the crash and serve as a constant reminder of the accident. Even if the crash didn’t result in a fire, people often are burned from exposure to the road or by coming into contact with heated objects.

Since burns not only cause pain but can also lead to infections, treating a burn immediately is very important. The pain management and treatment depends on the type of burn a Louisiana car accident victim has suffered. A first-degree burn is the mildest of the categories, which results in pain and reddening of the outer layer of the skin known as the epidermis. A second-degree burn causes blistering and swelling in addition to pain, and affects the lower layer of the skin also. A full thickness burn is known as a third-degree burn and goes through the skin to even affect deeper tissues. Skin can be charred or blackened as a result, and it can even lead to numbness.

The treatment of burns depends on the type of burns one has sustained. First degree burns can be treated with topical creams, but third degree burns may require skin grafting or the use of synthetic skin. Additionally, the latter type of burns might require antibiotics to ward off infections or fluids to replenish those lost in the crash. Additionally, there is pain associated with each type of burn injury and it is incorrect to assume that pain is linked to the degree of injury. Often, the most severe burn injuries are painless because the skin has gone numb. It is also important to keep in mind there is pain involved with the treatment of burn injuries, as cleaning and dressing the wound is also a painful process.

When burn injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence that caused a car accident, it might be possible to hold them accountable through a personal injury lawsuit. The medical expenses associated with the crash can be factored into the compensation awarded, so one can get the treatment they deserve without worrying about the cost.