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Helping you take action following medical malpractice

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When we are ill or injured, we are quick to rely on modern medicine to assist us. Individuals in Louisiana and elsewhere have much faith and trust in medical professionals, and for a good reason. They are educated, trained and skilled at diagnosing and treating patients. Nonetheless, doctors, surgeons and nurses are humans and subject to human errors. This means a mistake could happen during diagnosis, treatment or a surgery, causing a patient to suffer a new or a worsened condition.

Discovering that your current pain and suffering was due to a medical error is tough to rationalize. It can also make it difficult for you to entrust you current condition to another medical professional. At Tauzin & Lorio, Attorneys at Law, our legal team is well versed in medical malpractice laws, helping past clients understand their situation and take action to recover damages.

Medical professionals are held to a certain standard. This ensures that all patients are treated and cared for in a safe manner. When they deviate from this standard, a patient could suffer harms. Whether it is a missed step, misreading test results or being overworked, our attorneys will look at all factors that could have led to this situation.

By investigating the matter, collecting evidence, examining medical records and consulting with experts, it is our goal to get to determine what caused our client to suffer harms. Whether it was a diagnostic error, surgical mistake or a prescription error, we will look at all the details of the matter to prove that medical negligence led to the harm caused to our client.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s medical malpractice website. Taking legal action following harm caused to a patient by a medical professional does not only hold a negligent medical professional accountable but also helps with the recovery of compensation used to offset the losses and damages caused by the matter.