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Truck crashes into school bus, injuring a number of students

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Being aware of changing road conditions is just one of the signs of a responsible and careful driver. Another important aspect of being a good driver is being aware of traffic laws, including those relating to speed limits and stopping near school buses. These laws are enacted for the safety of the children onboard, as they are usually getting on or off the bus at bus stops, and keeping a safe distance behind them ensures everyone’s well-being. When someone does not adhere to these rules, catastrophic accidents can be the result.

A number of students were injured when a pickup truck hit a school bus in Louisiana recently. According to the authorities, the bus was bringing students home and had come to a stop to allow students to get off the bus. At this time, a pickup truck crashed into the back of the bus, resulting in injuries for the bus driver and also of a number of students. An investigation is underway into the crash and it is uncertain if the truck driver will face any charges.

Getting accountability and answers are ways that accident victims and their family members get closure after a truck or car accident. Whether or not criminal charges are filed after a crash, it may still be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Through a personal injury lawsuit, the victim and their loved ones may be able to receive compensation to cover their medical treatment and hospital stay. Additionally, it may be able to cover wages lost due to the accident and recompense people for the pain and suffering they have gone through. An experienced attorney may be able to guide Louisiana residents as to the options available to them for recovery.