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Recreational boating accidents are just one example of a situation where a Louisiana resident may become injured on a boat or other vessels at sea. Admiralty and maritime accidents can take place in a number of situations, ranging from a slip and fall on the vessel to a near-drowning. When the incident takes place during the course or scope of the injured workers employment, both general maritime law and the Jones Act cover it. This means compensation can be sought.

When someone is injured in an accident, their injuries require medical attention. And, as a result, medical bills can pile up. Add to that, a situation where an employer is delaying the maintenance checks or even refusing to pay them, and the result can be financially devastating, on top of emotionally overwhelming.

Many injured workers do not realize they have rights, and that they are entitled to compensation. The lawyers at Tauzin & Lorio Attorneys at Law are experienced in asserting those rights and getting their clients the financial reparation they deserve. With over 21 years in practice, we use our knowledge of the law and skill at creating successful legal strategy for our client’s benefit.

A number of statutory laws can apply in the aftermath of an accident causing personal injury, and it is important to have an extensive knowledge of both the facts and the law to ensure that one’s rights can be protected. We pride ourselves on doing just that. For more on admiralty and maritime law, visit our page.