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May 2018 Archives

Truck accident leaves nearby vehicles smoldering

Much is said about the devastation that can be caused when a semi-truck and car collide. The difference between the size of a semi-truck and the size of a car usually means the people in the car are the ones that get severely injured and suffer the most property damage. But what happens when two semi-trucks crash into one another? The answer was visible in a recent truck accident in Louisiana.

Can sepsis be caused by medical negligence?

Louisiana residents may have heard of the term sepsis, but some may not be sure what it means and how it differs from an infection. Though the two conditions are connected, there is one important way in which sepsis differs from an infection. An infection takes place when germs enter a body and multiply, causing disease or organ damage, whereas sepsis is what happens when the infection is not stopped. This means that sepsis takes place when someone already has an infection, and it triggers a reaction in the body.

What legal medication can treat the side effects of Risperdal?

Pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson has faced multiple Risperdal lawsuits, and earlier this year, 6,400 more plaintiffs received a court's permission also to seek recovery of damages that the side effects of taking Risperdal caused. Risperdal is an antipsychotic drug approved to treat adult schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and irritability in autistic adolescents and children.

What evidence should I collect for my personal injury case?

Even though it should be enough that a Louisiana resident has been injured in a car accident to receive compensation for his or her injuries, but this is unfortunately not the case. The accident victim has the burden of proof. This means they have to gather the evidence supporting their claim of negligence against the other driver and present it in a manner that demonstrates that they were responsible. The more evidence there is, the better the chances of getting a settlement to cover the property, physical and emotional damage done by the accident.

Top causes of boating accidents show they could have been avoided

As the weather finally improves across the country, Louisiana residents may be getting their boats ready for short voyages out onto the waters with their family and friends. However, boat safety is just as important as vehicle safety, if not more, as cold water is added to the equation in a recreational boating accident.

Do not get distracted from getting compensation

Last week's Louisiana post highlighted the dangers of distracted driving, an activity commonly practiced on roadways despite so much awareness being created around the hazard. As mentioned, teens are more likely to engage in the risky behavior, never considering the fact that a tragic accident can take place in the blink of an eye.

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