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Truck accident leaves nearby vehicles smoldering

On Behalf of | May 31, 2018 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

Much is said about the devastation that can be caused when a semi-truck and car collide. The difference between the size of a semi-truck and the size of a car usually means the people in the car are the ones that get severely injured and suffer the most property damage. But what happens when two semi-trucks crash into one another? The answer was visible in a recent truck accident in Louisiana.

At least four people have died in what seems like a chain reaction accident. According to the authorities, the first crash took place between two 18-wheelers in the eastbound lanes on a highway overpass. Several other vehicles were also involved in the crash, as firefighters described the scene as chaotic. Multiple vehicles were burning and crushed, with black smoke strewing all over the place. The cause of the crash has not been determined yet, and it seems like the scene might have been compromised due to the fire.

Numerous fire agencies responded to the call and vehicles continued to smolder hours later. One of the reasons so many agencies responded was because of the amount of water that had to be transported to the scene of the accident. One of the deputies who arrived on the scene of the first accident to help the accident victims was involved in a second accident and had to be taken to the hospital to receive medical attention.

An accident of this magnitude that causes this much damage, both in property and in life, can be devastating for all those involved. The medical attention required to heal and the evidence required to prove a negligent party’s fault is immense. Sorting out liability in such complex cases is an issue that is necessary to address if a party to the accident wishes to take legal action against those responsible for the crash.