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What evidence should I collect for my personal injury case?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Even though it should be enough that a Louisiana resident has been injured in a car accident to receive compensation for his or her injuries, but this is unfortunately not the case. The accident victim has the burden of proof. This means they have to gather the evidence supporting their claim of negligence against the other driver and present it in a manner that demonstrates that they were responsible. The more evidence there is, the better the chances of getting a settlement to cover the property, physical and emotional damage done by the accident.

The process begins soon after the accident. Witnesses forget what they saw and skid marks fade, which is why accident victims should work quickly to gather it necessary proof. For example, getting eyewitness contact information to ensure one knows how to contact them is very helpful. Taking pictures of the accident scene to document the damage, the position of the vehicles and the skid marks on the roads can be used to show speed at the time of the crash, direction of the crash and information about braking. The police report also is a valuable source of information during a trial.

Physical injuries and property damage needs to be catalogued. Documentation relating to the previous condition of the vehicle, recent improvements of it should be collected along with the receipts detailing the repairs being conducted now and the reasons for them. If a vehicle is totaled, the reasons for this should also be collected.

When it comes to physical injuries, accident victims should keep a journal of doctors seen and reasons for visits. All information about emergency room visits, treatments, medicines, therapies and medical devices should be recorded and so should the medical records. These documents can be essential in proving one’s financial needs.

Getting expert testimony and experts involved in the process is also beneficial and the need for it varies from case to case. The whole process can seem overwhelming so soon after being involved in an accident, but the sooner one begins building their case, the higher the chances of recovery.