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Know how the truck accident occurred when pursuing a case

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

Semi-truck accidents cause thousands of deaths and even more injuries every year in Louisiana and throughout the country. Large trucks, such as semi-trucks and other “big rigs,” are capable of causing massive destruction when a truck accident occurs. And, in most cases, other passenger vehicles and their occupants are the ones who suffer the brunt of the damage and injuries in these types of collisions.

But, if you were injured in a truck accident, how did the accident occur in the first place? After all, truck drivers receive specialized training in order to operate large trucks — above and beyond what a driver of a passenger vehicle receives. How do drivers with specialized training still cause accidents? Knowing how the truck accident occurred will be a crucial part of any personal injury lawsuit.

For starters, the truck driver may have been impaired in some way. Drunk or drugged driving could be a factor in the crash, as could fatigued or distracted driving. There are rules and regulations that truck drivers must follow that work to prevent all of these types of scenarios. However, if a truck driver ignores these regulations, a truck accident could occur. And, another cause of truck accidents has to do with the vehicle itself, such as an improperly secured load coming loose while the vehicle is in motion.

At our law firm, we do our best to help our clients understand how the truck accident in which they were injured occurred. Then, we attempt to help them understand their options going forward. For more information, please visit the truck accident overview section of our law firm’s website.