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August 2018 Archives

Car hits students on sidewalk, injuring four

The one place where people on the road expect to feel safe is on the sidewalk, especially one on a college campus. Generally, motorists driving by college campuses where students are milling about should go slowly and carefully-students may suddenly cross the road or may be passing by slowly, thus creating a dangerous situation.

Documentary shines light on dangers of medical devices

We attribute much of our society's medical success to advances in medical technology. New devices and testing procedures allow medical professionals to more quickly and accurately diagnose injuries and illnesses, as well as treat them more effectively. However, despite the success of many of these devices, others pose a serious threat to patients whether due to lack of testing or doctors whose decisions to use such devices are swayed by seemingly improper incentives.

A second opinion might save your life

You are entitled to take an active part in your health care, and getting a second opinion is part of that. People, including doctors, make mistakes, and if you do not gather as much information as you can about your illness, you might become part of the statistics of misdiagnosed patients in Louisiana. A second opinion could confirm the original diagnosis and give you peace of mind, or it could result in a different diagnosis with an entirely different treatment plan. A different doctor might deem suggested surgery unnecessary.

Pain and suffering after a crash can be compensable

Readers of the Lafayette Personal Injury Law Blog who have become injured in a car accident caused by someone else's negligence may by now be aware that they can recover financial compensation for various costs associated with the incident, including wages lost due to the injury, medical bills and property damage. They may also know financial recovery is possible for pain and suffering, but not be entirely sure of what this claim entails.

We hold medical professionals to the standards they owe you

No one likes to admit that they are wrong, especially if the mistake has serious consequences. A doctor's mistake or a surgical error is one of those instances where the repercussions can be life altering, not only for the medical professional but also for the patient and their family members. The blog post last week discussing the standard of care owed to patients might make it seem like medical professionals are held to a higher standard, but this is only because the stakes are so high.

What is the standard of care medical professionals owe patients?

When a Louisiana resident's medical condition worsens at the hands of the doctor or medical professional they approached to receive treatment in the first instance, they may be considering filing a medical malpractice suit against the negligent doctor. One of the terms that they may find themselves coming face to face with again and again might be 'standard of care'. It is important to understand what this means and how this is relevant to a plaintiff's case.

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