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No one likes to admit that they are wrong, especially if the mistake has serious consequences. A doctor’s mistake or a surgical error is one of those instances where the repercussions can be life altering, not only for the medical professional but also for the patient and their family members. The blog post last week discussing the standard of care owed to patients might make it seem like medical professionals are held to a higher standard, but this is only because the stakes are so high.

Pursuing a medical malpractice case is often complicated. Not only is no one admitting fault, it is also difficult to get the evidence necessary to prove someone was negligent and made a mistake. Additionally, people often hesitate from filing a claim because, on the one hand, their medical professional may have fixed one medical problem, even though they may have caused another one. It leaves an already distraught Louisiana resident overwhelmed and in serious need of help.

This is where Tauzain & Lorio Attorneys at Law can prove to be helpful. With over 50 years of experience in the law, through dozens of personal injury trials, the founding partners have helped individuals and families whose conditions were worsened at the hands of someone who should have known better. They were left suffering and floundering through the system on their own, and our lawyers work hard to rectify the situation.

When it seems like the whole system is pitted against the injured patient, it doesn’t seem like anyone can be helpful, but this is not the case. We hold medical professionals to the standards they are legally bound to provide and get victims they compensation they deserve. For more on medical malpractice, visit our page.