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Crash involving car and school bus

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

There are many rules of the road that must be respected in order to keep the roadways safe for everyone on them. These laws include stopping at a red light or stop sign, driving within the posted speed limit and yielding to oncoming traffic at the appropriate junction. Now that school is back in session, traffic laws also require specific driving behavior around school zones and behind school buses. This includes stopping an appropriate distance behind a halted school bus, as there are children getting on or off the bus at that time. This ensures the safety of the children.

When these laws are not adhered to, it is possible for a tragic accident to take place injuring or even killing those involved. A recent crash in Louisiana highlights this tragedy, as a driver crashed his vehicle into a school bus on which children were present at the time. The driver of the car that hit the school bus was arrested and is facing multiple charges, including OWI-operating while intoxicated-and possession of schedule II narcotics.

Not only is driving drunk illegal, it is also very dangerous. Getting behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks is a deliberate decision that can put the lives of everyone involved at risk. In this instance, the children on the bus could have been seriously injured and family members who thought it was an ordinary day could have been finding out their loved ones had died because a drunk driver made a bad decision.

An accident brings with it many questions and frustrations. One way to get answers and accountability is by holding the negligent driver responsible involved for their actions. An experienced attorney could help family members get through the process and get compensation that covers the medical and funeral expenses involved with the crash.