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December 2018 Archives

National Safety Council stresses road safety during holidays

Most people in Louisiana know that the holiday season around Christmas and New Year's Day is a busy time for traveling. Family members and friends travel far and wide, or even just locally, to visit and spend time together. While there are millions of Americans who are flying to their destinations at this time of year, there many more who will travel on the roads. As we all know, this will likely lead to car accidents.

Getting injured offshore can be different than an injury on land

Each day hundreds of people in America are injured on the job. Louisiana isn't immune to this troubling problem. However, unlike many other states, Louisiana has many people among its population who work offshore, oftentimes on boats or oil rigs. Getting injured offshore can be much more difficult than instances when an injury on the job occurs on land.

Defective medical device -- doctor or manufacturer to blame?

People in and around Lafayette, Morgan City, Lake Charles and Opelousas with various medical conditions rely on the innovation of pharmaceutical companies to develop new treatments, devices, drugs, pacemakers, implants, surgical instruments and prosthetics. Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration keeps a close eye on these products, defects and dangers sometimes arise after the agency's approval. In some cases, the manufacturers are aware of defects or dangers but choose to mislead authorities and the public for profit.

Help for victims of a failure to diagnose

Medical malpractice can cause significant harm to victims and their families. As a result, legal protections are available for victims of medical malpractice. Victims of medical malpractice, such as a failure to diagnose, erroneous diagnosis or treatment or delayed diagnosis, may be able to recover compensation for damages, including physical, financial and emotional damages. Damages can include medical expenses, lost earnings and pain and suffering damages.

Your slip and fall might come under premises liability law

When Louisiana residents go onto another person's property, it is usually under the assumption that the owner or the possessor has done everything possible and within their control to ensure that their property is safe from defects and issues that would result in someone's injury. With rain and snow, as mentioned in last week's post, come additional measures that a property owner/possessor must take to ensure their property is safe from known hazards or from hazards that should have been known.

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