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Two vehicles involved in wreck, smash into a business

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Most car accidents that occur in Louisiana are confined to the highways and other roads in the state. But, unfortunately, sometimes the vehicles involved in these crashes careen off of the road and, in the worst-case scenarios, can smash into buildings and pedestrians.

That appears to be what occurred recently in Lafayette, when on February 15 two vehicles involved in a collision on Johnson Street ended up smashing into a nail salon that is located on that street. According to the reports, the two vehicles — a Toyota Camry and a pickup truck — were driving down Johnson Street when the driver of the Camry made an improper turn in front of the pickup truck. The driver of the Camry reportedly did not signal the turn and the driver of the pickup truck was blaring his horn at the driver, according a witness who saw the accident unfold.

Apparently, the pickup truck driver did everything possible to avoid a collision, but the witness described the incident as the Camry driver pushing the pickup truck off of the road. The Camry slammed into the nail salon first, followed quickly by the pickup truck.

It does not appear that either of the drivers were injured in this bizarre incident, but three people inside the nail salon were injured badly enough that they were transported to the hospital for medical treatment. As those individuals are recovering physically, they are likely considering their personal injury law options in order to attempt to pursue financial compensation, presumably from the driver of the Toyota Camry.