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March 2019 Archives

Did your doctor perform an inappropriate surgery?

Millions of Louisianans and others across the United States are admitted to surgical centers each year expecting top-notch medical service, but unfortunately, medical malpractice is a serious concern in our country. Some medical errors can be corrected, but others may be permanent. For example, when a health care professional performs the wrong surgery, the victim may be left with few options to recover their full health.

Can 'infotainment' systems lead to distracted drivers?

Our readers in Louisiana have probably seen many media reports that decry the distraction that cellphones present for drivers on the roads of our state and throughout the country. Distracted driving seems to be a societal plague that is getting worse, not better. Just take a glance at any driver you see behind the wheel and you may see that person staring at their phone instead of paying full attention to the task of driving.

Comparing drunk driving to distracted driving

Most people realize the dangers in driving after consuming alcohol or drugs. Drunk driving causes a great deal of accidents all across the country. The penalties vary from state to state, but most places generally issue hefty fines and suspend the offender's license for a period of time.

Dangerous property conditions lead to premises liability cases

It is not uncommon to see warning signs in stores and businesses in Louisiana that say "floor slippery" or "watch your step." After all, all property owners have a duty to protect people who come onto their property from getting injured, and you will see no greater interest in doing so than in a business, where the sole goal is to make a profit, not lose money in a premises liability lawsuit. However, despite these types of efforts, it is also not uncommon to see dangerous property conditions lead to injuries.

What do you need to know about Admiralty and Maritime Law?

Many of our readers have probably heard of Admiralty and Maritime Law, with Louisiana being a coastal state. However, since this is an area of the law that not many people have contact with, unlike, for example, personal injury or criminal defense law, some people might not be familiar with what all is entailed in this unique area of the law. So, what does one need to know about Admiralty and Maritime Law?

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