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Dangerous property conditions lead to premises liability cases

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Firm News, Premises Liability |

It is not uncommon to see warning signs in stores and businesses in Louisiana that say “floor slippery” or “watch your step.” After all, all property owners have a duty to protect people who come onto their property from getting injured, and you will see no greater interest in doing so than in a business, where the sole goal is to make a profit, not lose money in a premises liability lawsuit. However, despite these types of efforts, it is also not uncommon to see dangerous property conditions lead to injuries.

In some cases, the problem may be that there is inadequate lighting around the business at nighttime, which can hamper a person’s ability to see dangerous property conditions that might cause an injury. In other cases, a parking lot might have such pervasive damage – such as potholes or cracks – that a person driving a car may hit one of these property conditions and get into a wreck on the property, potentially suffering injuries. But, it is just as common that a person might trip or slip on a defect in flooring or on a sidewalk, which might cause what might seem like a simple fall, but which can actually lead to serious injuries.

These types of dangerous property conditions, among many others, can leave Louisiana residents facing significant injuries and, therefore, potentially lengthy recovery periods and extensive medical costs. When a property owner was negligent in the duty to protect against these injuries, a premises liability lawsuit might be an option.

However, each case has its own set of facts and circumstances. So, anyone injured by a dangerous property condition may want to get more information about the available options in their own unique case.