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What are some common questions about truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Firm News, Truck Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents that involve large trucks can be quite different from those that only involve passenger vehicles. This is due to the massive size difference between a large truck and a smaller vehicle, which can lead to devastating consequences for any drivers or passengers in smaller vehicles. At the same time, the driver of a large truck may walk away from such a collision with few, if any, injuries. Victims of truck accidents in Louisiana often have many questions about how to proceed in the aftermath of the incident. So, what are some common questions about truck accidents?

Well, for starters, what do we mean when we talk about “large trucks” that are involved in vehicle accidents? In most cases, this means commercial trucks, such as semi-trucks or delivery trucks, which are involved in delivering goods, as well as large transport vehicles such as buses.

Next, why are truck accidents such a problem on the roads in Louisiana and throughout the country? The main reason is that these types of accidents can leave victims, in most cases, with devastating injuries. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are common in the aftermath of truck accidents, but, even worse, so are fatalities.

Lastly, who does a victim sue when it comes to legal options after a truck accident? It may be obvious that the driver behind the wheel of the large truck could be named as a defendant in a personal injury case, but that driver’s employer may also be a potential defendant as well. Every victim of a truck accident will need to get more information about the options in their own unique case.