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What are the basics of a premises liability claim?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Firm News, Premises Liability |

When a Louisiana resident is injured on another person’s property, that injured resident may be able to pursue legal options to attempt to recover financial compensation. Such a claim would fall under the area of “premises liability” law. So, what are the basics of a premises liability claim?

Well, for starters, consider the source of the injury on the property — is there anything that the property owner could have done to prevent the dangerous condition from causing injuries? If so, the first question in a premises liability case has been answered. Essentially, these cases all come down to the property owner’s duty to keep the property safe, particularly if other individuals are invited to the property or are allowed to use the property. Depending on the circumstances, if the property owner does not abide by the duty imposed, it could lead to a premises liability claim.

Another crucial part of premises liability claims is when a property owner, even after knowing that a dangerous property condition exists, fails to correct the danger. Such negligence, when it causes an injury, could form the basis of holding the property owner responsible in court. Of course, the person who is injured on the property must have been pretty much blameless in the situation.

Dangerous property conditions, such as unsafe handrails on stairways and spills on the grocery store floor, for example, cause thousands of injuries each year in America. Property owners, not the injured parties, should be the ones to bear the financial brunt of the medical expenses these injuries cause.