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May 2019 Archives

The wide range of causes of offshore injuries

Thousands of Louisiana residents are offshore workers. Each day they work hard to earn an income, but at the same time, they probably realize that they face a certain degree of danger each day as well. Injuries for offshore workers are, unfortunately, somewhat common. And that is because there is such a wide range of causes of offshore injuries.

Hours-of-service rules intended to prevent truck accidents

Many of our readers in Louisiana are used to seeing large trucks on the roads with them when they are on their daily commute. For the most part, the drivers of these large trucks are paying attention to their jobs and are operating the trucks safely. However, there are always those who are not obeying the rules and regulations for truck drivers, which are intended to prevent truck accidents and keep everyone on the roads safe. Hours-of-service rules, for example, may be violated by truck drivers and, as a result, other drivers and their passengers in Louisiana may be put in danger.

A Louisiana driver who does these things might be drunk

Traveling in Louisiana can range from uneventful to exciting or highly stressful and dangerous. The problem is that you never know which it will be when you get behind the wheel. In fact, it might fluctuate between any or all of these descriptions in a single road trip. All you can do is adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations, and try to remain as alert and prepared to react as possible, in case a problem suddenly arises.

Fatal head-on collision occurs in Louisiana

A car accident can occur in the blink of an eye. Each year thousands of Louisiana residents are injured in car accidents, and hundreds more die in such collisions. The unfortunate reality is that these types of crashes are so prevalent that many people may not even raise an eyebrow at news reports about fatal accidents. A recent report detailed a fatal head-on collision that may catch the attention of Louisiana residents because, at least from the preliminary reports, there may not be any early indications about how the collision occurred in the first place.

How do you prove fault in a medical malpractice case?

It is an unfortunate fact that, even with all the advances in technology these days, each year far too many Americans suffer due to medical malpractice incidents. Failures to diagnose diseases, wrong-site surgeries and prescription medication mix-ups are just a few examples of how a Louisiana resident might suffer harm due to mistakes made by medical professionals. Fortunately, many of these victims may be able to attempt to recover financial compensation by filing a medical malpractice claim. But, how do you prove fault in such a case?

Obtaining compensation after a car accident in Louisiana

A car accident can be a devastating event in the life of a Louisiana resident. In the best-case scenario, the people involved in the wreck will hopefully walk away with nothing more than bumps and bruises. But, in the worst-case scenarios, people can suffer catastrophic injuries that can require months or even years of medical treatment and rehabilitative care. That treatment is not cheap, but why should an innocent victim be saddled with such a financial burden?

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