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June 2019 Archives

Even two alcoholic drinks can lead to a car accident

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and people in Lafayette may already be making plans to celebrate Independence Day. Many of these people will decide to celebrate with friends and family, where they will eat, set of fireworks and in many cases have a beer or two. After all, drinking is a common activity at any summertime party.

When does federal law apply to recreational boating accidents?

Boating is a popular recreational activity in Louisiana, both in state waterways and off the state shores in the Gulf of Mexico. However, just like people can drive recklessly or negligently, people can operate a boat recklessly or negligently. For example, a boater may be speeding, intoxicated or distracted, leading to a recreational boating accident. While many people understand that car accidents can lead to personal injury lawsuits brought under state law, they may be surprised to hear that sometimes boating accidents fall under federal maritime law.

You're focused, but a nearby Louisana driver might be distracted

Can you relate to Louisiana travelers who say they feel like they're lives are on the line every time they get behind the wheel to drive? It's understandable, as high-speed highways, increased amounts of traffic and distracted drivers make roadways downright dangerous at times. When you drive, you're legally obligated to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations. Every other motorist is equally obliged. However, there's no guarantee the drivers you share the road with are going to obey the law.

Shoulder dystocia can be a serious birth trauma

Shoulder dystocia is a complication that can arise during the birth of a baby. While healthy babies are born each and every day in Louisiana, from time to time, unexpected and even dangerous situations occur where both the lives of the mother and the baby can be put at risk. Shoulder dystocia is just one of those situations.

Are Louisianans responsible for injuries in their backyard pool?

Summer is here, and that means more people in Louisiana will be spending time in their backyard pools. Whether it is simply having the neighborhood children over for a swim or whether a homeowner is hosting a pool party for people of all ages, it is important to remember that swimming pools present hazards. A person could fall on a slippery pool deck, injure themselves in a diving accident or even drown. When accidents like this happen, the victims or their families may wonder if the homeowner can be held liable in a premises liability claim.

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