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You’re focused, but a nearby Louisana driver might be distracted

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Can you relate to Louisiana travelers who say they feel like they’re lives are on the line every time they get behind the wheel to drive? It’s understandable, as high-speed highways, increased amounts of traffic and distracted drivers make roadways downright dangerous at times. When you drive, you’re legally obligated to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations. Every other motorist is equally obliged. However, there’s no guarantee the drivers you share the road with are going to obey the law.

You wouldn’t be the only one in Louisiana to admit that you have been distracted at the wheel at some point in your driving career. A roadside scene or incident taking place between children in the back seat can cause you to take your eyes off the road for a split second. Unfortunately, that’s all it takes for a collision to occur. Chronic distracted driving is a serious problem in this state and most others. You’re at great risk for injury if a distracted driver is nearby.

Distractions that often lead to serious personal injury

Thousands of travelers lose their lives every year because of driver negligence. Whether you’re driving, are a passenger in someone’s vehicle or are traveling as a pedestrian, you’re in harm’s way if a nearby motorist is distracted in any of the ways included in the following list:

  • A driver’s eyes should always stay focused on the road ahead and his or her immediate surroundings. If a driver is visually distracted, the chances of collision greatly increase.
  • Looking down at a cell phone, gawking at a roadside scene or trying to read a billboard are all examples of visual driving distractions.
  • In addition to keeping their eyes on the road, drivers should keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times. If you see another driver using a hand-held electronic device, it’s best to try to stay as far away as possible. Adjusting radio knobs, reaching in a glove box or pocketbook, or applying cosmetics while driving are all manual distractions that can lead to serious auto collisions.
  • You cannot tell what another person is thinking. Therefore, it’s difficult to recognize signs of cognitive distraction while driving. If a person is lost in thought rather than focused on the task at hand, his or her vehicle might be veering left or right or traveling at speeds that don’t match the current traffic flow.

There are laws in Louisiana and most other states to protect you from distracted drivers, such those that prohibit texting and driving. If you suffer injury because another person disregards traffic laws, you shouldn’t have to bear the full financial burden. In fact, many recovering accident victims receive compensation for damages after filing personal injury claims in civil court.