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Stripping away the vagueness of premises liability claims

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Premises Liability |

When most Louisiana residents hear the term “premises liability,” they probably think that it is just legal jargon. While it is true that this term has a specialized meaning in the legal realm, the vagueness of the claim doesn’t need to intimidate people who may have a valid claim under this particular area of the law. Stripping away some of that vagueness may help Louisiana residents understand how premises liability law may apply in their situation.

In short, the term “premises liability” refers to an area of the law in which a person who is injured on another party’s property may hold the property owner responsible. Most people will probably think of so-called “slip and fall” cases, which is indeed a form of a premises liability claim. But, there are many other circumstances in which Louisiana residents may have a valid premises liability claim.

This area of the law may also support claims after injuries that occurred due to inadequate lighting, unsafe parking lot areas, design problems with a particular building and even something as simple as a loose railing on a staircase. If a person’s injury was caused due to some negligent conduct by a property owner, a valid premises liability claim may exist.

At our law firm, we understand that these so-called “legalese” terms may be off-putting for certain individuals. We do our best to help our clients understand their legal options under the applicable law. For more information, please visit the premises liability section of our law firm’s website.