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How can driving while drowsy impact the likelihood of a crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

When sharing the road with people who appear to have drooping heads or a weakening grip on the steering wheel, you may start to worry about how much this impacts your safety.

Other drivers falling asleep behind the wheel or driving while drowsy can place you in danger. Learning about the ways that this happens can help you figure out what steps to take after an accident.

Slower reaction time

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, how effectively a person reacts in bad situations depends partially on how awake they are and how quickly they can turn their car out of danger. Driving without getting enough rest or after taking medications that cause sleepiness can make it harder for people to avoid a crash.

Less alert to danger

Anyone on a busy road should stay aware of how many people are around them and how fast they are driving. If a driver is falling asleep, they may not pay attention to people trying to enter or exit a lane near them.

This kind of sluggishness can lead to a crash if drowsy drivers miss road signs or traffic lights.

Mind focused elsewhere

If someone is struggling after a long shift at work or dealing with an untreated sleep problem, their attention could shift away from what is currently happening around them. Distractions and feelings of fatigue while operating a vehicle can lead to temporary confusion while driving at high speeds.

No matter where you need to go, drowsy drivers can potentially put you in danger and may lead to a collision.