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Truck crashes into school bus, injuring a number of students

Being aware of changing road conditions is just one of the signs of a responsible and careful driver. Another important aspect of being a good driver is being aware of traffic laws, including those relating to speed limits and stopping near school buses. These laws are enacted for the safety of the children onboard, as they are usually getting on or off the bus at bus stops, and keeping a safe distance behind them ensures everyone's well-being. When someone does not adhere to these rules, catastrophic accidents can be the result.

Stages of a personal injury lawsuit

As discussed previously on this blog, when a Louisiana resident is injured in a car accident, they may be able to recover compensation from the negligent driver who caused the crash through a civil suit. The idea of going through a trial may seem overwhelming to many struggling to come to terms with their injuries, but an experienced attorney may be able to guide them through the process by explaining the stages of the trial to them.

Most common cause of spinal cord accidents? Car crashes

Many people are lucky enough to walk away from a car accident without a serious or permanent injury. However, others find themselves facing a life of pain and struggle if they have sustained debilitating injuries in the crash, including a spinal cord injury.

We get compensation you deserve with experience and knowledge

A drunk driver puts not only their own life in danger, but also the lives of everyone else on the street at the time. Their failure to identify a danger coming their way, by either neglecting to brake on time or hitting other objects and vehicles without slowing down, can cause irreparable damage to other drivers in Louisiana. Their nonchalance can result in the loss of lives and trauma to not only accident victims but also their loved ones.

Distraction is a problem for drivers of all ages, but particularly for teens

Authorities say that road accidents are the primary cause of death among teenagers in the United States. And while distraction can cause even the most experienced drivers to lose control of their vehicles, the risk is even higher when an inexperienced teenager is behind the wheel.

Treating burn injuries post crash can be costly

As any car accident victim can attest to, being in a car crash is a traumatizing experience that leaves physical and emotional scars. Physical scars are often the result of burns sustained in the crash and serve as a constant reminder of the accident. Even if the crash didn't result in a fire, people often are burned from exposure to the road or by coming into contact with heated objects.

What if I am also at fault in my car crash?

When a Louisiana resident is injured in a car accident with another driver, they often end up making broad statements such as "it was the other driver's fault". When used in a legal case, the word fault takes on another meaning and simply making such statements will not bring about legal liability. Instead, Louisiana's fault system means that the accident victim must prove the other driver was at fault before damages can be recovered from them.

Life will never be the same, but recovery may be possible

No one can tell you how to grieve the sudden, unexpected loss of your loved one. Since you learned of the tragic accident that took your family member's life, you have likely replayed the scene over and over in your mind. Perhaps your loved one survived the initial impact of his or her accident but was pronounced dead before you arrived at the scene. It can be nearly impossible to think beyond your shock and grief in such situations.

Fault and liability after a Louisiana car accident

One of the most critical components to determining if a car accident victim can recover their damages after a collision is establishing who was at fault. When a party can be proven to be the cause of a crash then they may be held liable for all of the losses that stem from their negligence or recklessness. This post will generally discuss ways of proving fault after a vehicle accident but readers are encouraged to speak with personal injury attorneys about the evidence they may need to provide for their particular cases.

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