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Risperdal Litigation And Your Options

The antipsychotic drug Risperdal has been on the market since 1996, and in 2006, the Food and Drug Administration approved its use for children. It is often used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in adults, and to soothe irritability in children with autism. It is sometimes prescribed as an off-label treatment for ADHD.

Now Johnson & Johnson has already settled many lawsuits regarding men and boys on Risperdal developing gynecomastia, or male breast development. At Tauzin & Lorio, Attorneys at Law, in Lafayette, Louisiana, our lawyers understand what a hard condition this can be to suffer from, both physically and emotionally. We invite you to call us at 337-988-7588 or 866-585-9292 to schedule a free initial consultation if you think you may have a claim.

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Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals have paid fines to the federal government and many states for illegally marketing the drug and lying about its risks.

The growth of breasts in men and boys can be quite painful. Additionally, it can cause a great deal of emotional suffering that can lead to conditions like depression. Many sufferers from gynecomastia have had to undergo painful mastectomies to correct the condition. All of this adds up, which is why it is important that you know where to turn to recover compensation.

While the company in the past has said that male breast growth is a normal part of adolescence, there is no covering up the fines they have already paid for their actions. With experience representing both plaintiffs and defense in these cases, our attorneys know how to go on the offensive against the drug companies when necessary to protect your rights.

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When dealing with emotional trauma caused by male breast growth, it can be difficult to determine a fair amount of compensation. Our lawyers can help you properly value your claim, backed up with data from experts like doctors and psychiatrists. We can do this at no initial investment from you, since we accept all cases on a contingency basis. For you, that means you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation.

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