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What To Do If You Suspect You Are Suffering Because Of A Defective Drug Or Medical Device

Most people get nervous before starting a new prescription drug or undergoing a surgical procedure to have a medical device implanted. This is normal, but most go through with it because of the promise of a more comfortable life.

It is wise to call an attorney if you think you may be the victim of a defective prescription drug or medical device. At Tauzin & Lorio, Attorneys at Law, of Lafayette, Louisiana, we can help you identify your symptoms and seek medical attention while also building a strong claim for compensation.

If you think you have a claim, call us today at 337-988-7588 or 866-585-9292 for a free initial consultation.

Talk To A Personal Injury Lawyer First

If you are worried about taking a prescription drug or think that you are exhibiting symptoms of a defective drug or medical device, talk to us first. A doctor who prescribed you the medicine may be biased. Many prescription drug manufacturers have faced accusations and paid fines for paying doctors to prescribe medicines with known risks.

We can help you get independent medical advice that takes your health and safety into account, not anyone’s bottom line.

Additionally, it is important that you do not sign any waivers or speak to an insurance agent without the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. We know how they can use your words against you and damage your chances of recovering compensation. We use more than 50 years of combined litigation experience from both the defense and plaintiffs’ sides to protect your rights and help you maximize your compensation.

Contact Tauzin & Lorio, Attorneys At Law, For A Free Consultation

You do not have to worry about attorney fees when you wish to talk to us about a dangerous drug. We accept all cases on a contingency basis, meaning you will not owe us anything if we are not successful in securing compensation on your behalf.

Call our law firm in Lafayette today at 337-988-7588 or 866-585-9292 to talk to our lawyers during a free initial consultation.