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Lafayette Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout Acadiana

Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cause catastrophic accidents. Permanent disability or death often results from OUI/DWI accidents. At the law office of Tauzin & Lorio, Attorneys at Law, we obtain payment for individuals and their families injured or killed in drunk driving accidents.

Because of our experience handling crashes caused by drunk drivers, we can tell the story of the accident so that the injured person or the family of the person killed receives the full amount of compensation. If you or a family member has been seriously hurt by a driver under the influence, contact our drunk driving accident attorneys in Lafayette to schedule a free initial consultation and learn how we can help you recover from your injuries.

Serious Injuries From A Drunk Driving Accident

Our law office has recovered compensation for people injured because a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs crossed the centerline, hitting an oncoming vehicle. Many OUI accidents occur at very high speeds, causing wrongful death and severe injuries such as:

Impaired drivers seldom see danger coming. They fail to brake in time, hitting another vehicle, a lamppost, a bridge abutment or a guardrail without slowing down. The high speed of a DWI crash adds to the severity of the injuries victims suffer from their negligence.

We assist clients who have been injured in car accidents, truck accidents, 18-wheeler accidents and other types of auto crashes caused by drunk drivers.

Special Restitution For Victims Of Drunk Driving Accidents

Our attorneys will take the proper legal actions to get victims of drunk drivers the payment they need. In addition to filing an injury or wrongful death claim, we can go to criminal court to be sure that clients receive restitution under Louisiana’s Victims of Crime Act (VOCA). This law allows persons injured by drivers under the influence to receive special damages and other compensation.

If You Were Hit by A Drunk Driver, Contact A Lawyer Serving New Iberia

If you have been injured by a driver impaired by drugs or alcohol, contact an attorney who knows how to obtain full compensation for your injuries. Call the Lafayette office of Tauzin & Lorio, Attorneys at Law, today at 337-988-7588 to book your free consultation.