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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Even two alcoholic drinks can lead to a car accident

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and people in Lafayette may already be making plans to celebrate Independence Day. Many of these people will decide to celebrate with friends and family, where they will eat, set of fireworks and in many cases have a beer or two. After all, drinking is a common activity at any summertime party.

Fatal head-on collision occurs in Louisiana

A car accident can occur in the blink of an eye. Each year thousands of Louisiana residents are injured in car accidents, and hundreds more die in such collisions. The unfortunate reality is that these types of crashes are so prevalent that many people may not even raise an eyebrow at news reports about fatal accidents. A recent report detailed a fatal head-on collision that may catch the attention of Louisiana residents because, at least from the preliminary reports, there may not be any early indications about how the collision occurred in the first place.

Obtaining compensation after a car accident in Louisiana

A car accident can be a devastating event in the life of a Louisiana resident. In the best-case scenario, the people involved in the wreck will hopefully walk away with nothing more than bumps and bruises. But, in the worst-case scenarios, people can suffer catastrophic injuries that can require months or even years of medical treatment and rehabilitative care. That treatment is not cheap, but why should an innocent victim be saddled with such a financial burden?

Can 'infotainment' systems lead to distracted drivers?

Our readers in Louisiana have probably seen many media reports that decry the distraction that cellphones present for drivers on the roads of our state and throughout the country. Distracted driving seems to be a societal plague that is getting worse, not better. Just take a glance at any driver you see behind the wheel and you may see that person staring at their phone instead of paying full attention to the task of driving.

Two vehicles involved in wreck, smash into a business

Most car accidents that occur in Louisiana are confined to the highways and other roads in the state. But, unfortunately, sometimes the vehicles involved in these crashes careen off of the road and, in the worst-case scenarios, can smash into buildings and pedestrians.

Road safety for older drivers in Louisiana

There are millions of drivers on the roads in America on any given day, including several thousand here. These are drivers young and old, of varying levels of experience behind the wheel. Common sense would likely tell our readers that more experience driving makes a person a better driver. But, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) keeps track of some statistics about older drivers that may come as a surprise to many people.

Study finds drivers just can't stay off of their cellphones

Some of our readers in Louisiana may have seen a recent post here, which discussed the potential issue that safety features in newer vehicles may actually be a distraction for drivers. Distracted driving is a problem that is plaguing the entire country. Our state is not immune to the devastating consequences, which can be associated with a car accident that is caused by a distracted driver. But, even if safety features in new cars are distracting, we all know what the main cause of distracted driving is: cellphones.

Safety features in cars can be distracting

These days, many of our readers have probably noticed that the debate about distracted driving and what to do about it is becoming unavoidable, which is a good thing. Each year thousands of Americans are injured or die in car accidents that were caused by distracted drivers and, as a result, legislators and politicians are doing their best to enact laws and policies that will help bring down the number of these accidents that occur. But, what about the car companies? Are their efforts to make cars safer actually making distracted driving worse?

Obtaining compensation after a car accident in Louisiana

Chances are that many of our readers have been involved in a "fender-bender" before. However, there are some car accidents that are more serious than others, and which can involve severe injuries for the victims involved in the crash. For such victims, bills for medical treatment, surgeries, medication and rehabilitation can pile up quickly. When a victim did not cause the car accident, why should that individual be the one to pay these expenses?

National Safety Council stresses road safety during holidays

Most people in Louisiana know that the holiday season around Christmas and New Year's Day is a busy time for traveling. Family members and friends travel far and wide, or even just locally, to visit and spend time together. While there are millions of Americans who are flying to their destinations at this time of year, there many more who will travel on the roads. As we all know, this will likely lead to car accidents.

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