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Success Stories

$1,250,000 policy limits for foot amputation.

Settled a claim for $1,250,000 in policy limits for client injured in a shrimp processing plant while trying out for a job. The potential employer failed to properly train client who was new to the industry. Client slipped on ice in a warehouse causing his foot to go through a defective safety grating located above a screw conveyer where his foot was completely severed above the ankle. The defendants settled when they realized the safety grating holes were too large and there was no kill switch on the screw conveyor located in the warehouse.

$900,000 for helicopter crash survivor.

Represented an offshore worker who survived a helicopter crash in the Gulf of Mexico. As a result of the crash he sustained fractured lumbar vertebrae; salt water burns in his lungs; and severe post traumatic stress disorder. The case settled for $900,000 when all parties agreed to mediate the matter prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

$685,000 18-wheeler collision.

Represented 63-year old man who was injured when an 18-wheeler ran a stop light on Hwy 90. Client had broken ribs; cervical disc injury, and a serious injury to his left eye.

$400,000 for client struck by front end loader.

Client was operating a dump truck at a construction site when his vehicle was struck by a front end loader. Settled the case for $400,000 for damages which included a C5-6 neck surgery and two years of lost wages.

Medical Malpractice cap limit of $500,000 received when client partially paralyzed.

Settled a claim for medical malpractice cap limit of $500,000 after client was injured while undergoing diagnostic testing for a back surgery. A radiologist injected myelogram dye directly into client’s spinal cord instead of into her spinal canal. As a result of this mistake her left leg is partially paralyzed and she now has a neurogenic bladder which requires her to wear diapers. Defendants paid cap limits soon after the medical review panel voted 3-0 in our favor.

$475,000 for client hit by police officer who ran a stop sign.

A police officer ran a stop sign at 50 mph on his way to a non-emergency call striking client at an intersection. She sustained serious neck injuries requiring surgery. The case settled for $475,000 prior to trial.

Verdict of $245,000 for fourteen year-old boy with four fractured vertebrae.

Represented a fourteen year-old boy who sustained serious injuries to his lower back including 4 fractured vertebrae in an automobile accident. The insurance company only offered $50,000 prior to trial. Ultimately obtained a verdict of $245,000, including $125,000 for loss of future earnings capacity even though he had not yet entered the work force.

Medical malpractice cap limit of $500,000 received when doctor left early.

Settled a claim for the $500,000 medical malpractice cap limit for a client injured during a surgery when the doctor cut a major blood vessel and sewed the client up without repairing it. After the surgery the client bled out and coded. During the discovery process we found evidence that the nurses told the doctor that his patient was not stable and he should not leave the hospital. Despite the nurses’ request, the doctor chose to leave the hospital in order to perform a surgery at another facility and refused to return even when told of the patient’s grave condition. Faced with this evidence, the doctor and his insurance company chose to settle all claims.

$600,000 for burns in products liability case.

Represented a client who was burned over 40% of his body when a riding lawnmower burst into flames while he was filling it with gasoline. During the discovery process, our expert was able to conclude that the gas tank was located too close to the exhaust muffler. The manufacturer was unsuccessful in having the settlement documents sealed and was forced to change the design of its lawnmower so that no one else could be hurt the same way in the future.

$500,000 jury verdict against local utility company for electrocution.

Represented a rural couple against a local utility company after clients were told that power had been cut off from the house. The husband, relying upon the utility company, began to make repairs to his house and while working was electrocuted because the power had not been shut off. The husband received injuries which required a complete shoulder replacement. The jury awarded him and his wife over $500,000 with interest and costs including $25,000 for his wife who witnessed the electrocution.

Tried case for “principle.”

There is an old saying with some law firms that “we don’t sue for principle, we sue for money;” however, not here. We tried a case on behalf of a college student who was rear-ended by a truck owned by a medical supply company. The student tried to get the insurance company to simply pay his medical bills of $1,200 but they refused saying that his going to a doctor was a “consumer choice” not a “medical necessity”, despite over $4,000 of damage to their supply truck. We refused any offers made by their attorneys prior to trial and brought this matter to a verdict where my client received $5,000 plus court cost and interest on the judgment.

Plaintiff’s committee counsel on a $5,000,000 settlement.

Was one of the six lead counsel for the New Iberia Train Derailment representing hundreds of people who were displaced from their homes and sustained damages when a train went off the tracks in the center of New Iberia, Louisiana. We were able to settle the claims for those residents in the amount of $5,000,000 prior to trial.

“Make her wear bangs.”

Represented a seven year-old girl who was mauled by a dog. Attempted to settle the claim but the adjuster was not impressed that my client had to have plastic surgery above her eyes up toward the scalp-line. The adjuster for the insurance company told me on the phone “make her wear bangs” and no one will ever know. Immediately filed suit and ultimately received the policy limits from the homeowners whose dog had permanently scarred client.

$3,017,000 for motorcycle operator in head-on collision.

Operator of motorcycle is struck head-on by left turning motorist. As a result of this collision, client needed four surgeries including a full hip replacement, shoulder reconstruction and multiple knee surgeries.

$550,000 for client struck by 18-wheeler backing onto a highway in a dense fog.

Facial plastic surgery and back surgery after an 18-wheeler backed onto a highway on one of the foggiest days of the year. Client struck windshield as his car rolled on its side. Defendants paid$550,000 one month after trial.

$575,000 for partial amputee in a forklift accident.

Client was a truck driver delivering a load of aluminum beams. Defendant forklift operator hit the beams, causing them to bounce off the truck and onto our client’s foot, traumatically amputating her right foot and toes.

$1,225,000 for client struck by a bus which ran a stop sign.

Client struck when school bus failed to yield at a stop sign. Client had surgical fusions and was permanently disabled from her job.

Confidential settlement for father of five-year-old child who died in 18-wheeler accident.

An 18-wheeler truck rear-ended her school bus. The owner of the truck mediated settlement prior to suit being filed, in order to prevent our client from suffering more emotional distress.